We have been selected for the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Agency’s startup intellectual property support program.
Presenting as the Japanese representative at the world’s largest startup competition, the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) World Finals
We have been selected for the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) ‘Research and Development-oriented Venture Support Program’.
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Realizing a society where elderly individuals
with dementia can live comfortably and securely.

In the modern era, by 2025, it is estimated that one in five elderly individuals will have dementia. While drugs to slow the progression of dementia were finally developed in 2021, a 'cure' for dementia still does not exist

We embarked on a mission to develop a diagnostic agent for MCI and the world's first radical cure for Alzheimer's.

AlzMed aims to create a society where elderly individuals with dementia can live comfortably and securely through early diagnosis and fundamental treatment.


The three social challenges
that AlzMed aims to address and solve.

Cause: Aβ triggers Alzheimer's disease.
However, drug development is proving to be challenging.

Memory mechanism understanding and implementation.

The discoverer of Drebrin, a substance controlling synapse formation in memory, is investigating memory mechanisms and promoting societal implementation of findings.

Blood-based diagnostics for early Alzheimer's detection.

Developing a blood-based method to measure Drebrin levels in early Alzheimer's, enabling non-invasive detection and tailored interventions based on disease progression.

Fundamental treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

Developed a drug that restores the amount of drebrin in the brain, which decreases as Alzheimer's disease progresses, to normal levels.
Realizing the fundamental treatment for Alzheimer's disease, which has been deemed impossible.

Alzmed will achieve these through cutting-edge Drebrin research.

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The molecules that influence changes in the brain when remembering things.

Through the action of Drebrin, memories become more easily recallable.

Discovered at Gunma University in 1985 by the founder of Alzmed.

Drebrin is a molecule that plays a role in the changes in the brain when remembering things.
The action of Drebrin makes memories more easily recallable.

1985 - 1986 Drebrin is discovered and named.
1996 Shifting from protein research to studying the mechanism of memory.
Discovery of Drebrin loss in Alzheimer's disease.
2003 - 2005 Understanding the relationship between Drebrin and memory.
Brain-type Drebrin, found only in synapses, regulates their formation.
2014 - 2018 Increasing Drebrin was suggested to improve memory impairment.
Cell culture and mutant animals clarified Drebrin's memory role.
2019 Development of a diagnostic method to identify and quantify brain-type Drebrin.
2021 Commencement of clinical trials
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The Epic 40-year Journey and Future Prospects in Drebrin Research

The potential of Drebrin.

There is the potential for Drebrin drug development to achieve fundamental treatment.

Conventional drugs.

Aβ drug

Suppressing the progression of the disease.
  • The current treatment approach using Lecanemab aims to remove the causative substance.
AlzMed's medication.

Drebrin drug development.

Eradicating the root cause of the disease.
  • Our treatment approach aims to normalize areas with abnormalities, but it lacks a track record.

Comparison with therapeutic drugs from other companies.

treatment medications.


It compensates for lost brain functions and transiently improves symptoms but does not inhibit dementia progression.


Early intervention inhibits the pathological changes in nerve cells, delaying the transition from MCI to dementia.

Almed's therapeutic medication.


Early intervention restores synaptic structure, improves symptoms, and prevents MCI progression to dementia.


・Diagnostic drug development business.

Utilizing changes in blood drebrin levels, we have developed a diagnostic drug for 'mild cognitive impairment'. Our goal is to create a society where the progression of dementia can be detected early.

・Therapeutic drug development business.

We are developing dementia treatments to maintain normal Drebrin levels in the brain, crucial for memory, and restore synaptic function.To create a society where dementia becomes a curable illness.

・Selling Drebrin research reagents.


Board of Directors

President and CEO.

Tomoaki Shirao, MD PhD

The discoverer of Drebrin and a globally recognized authority in memory research.

CEO Interview
Science Advisor.

Yuko Sekino, PhD

Scheduled to assume the position of director from August 2024.


Shigeru Ishii

The founder of Sony Bank

Research & Development Team

  • Researcher (part-time)

    Aoki S

  • Researcher (part-time) veterinarian

    Nagashima S

  • Researcher (Lab Manager)

    Tsutsui I, PhD

  • Primary Investigator

    Higa A, MaD

  • Researcher (part-time)

    Mase S

  • External Researcher

    Takei N, PhD

  • External Researcher

    Iwakura Y, PhD

  • Primary Investigator (GM)

    Koganezawa N, PhD

  • External Researcher

    Yamazaki H, PhD

  • External Researcher

    Roppongi R, PhD

  • Technical Assistant

    Hijiki S

  • Technical Assistant

    Konno T

  • clerk

    Aoki A

  • clerk

    Watanabe J

Board of Advisors

  • Alzheimer's Biomarker

    Shoji M, MD PhD

  • Molecular Biology

    Mori N, PhD

  • Biochemistry

    Hisanaga S, PhD

  • Quantum Medicine

    Nakano T, MD PhD

  • Diagnostics

    Kawamura M, PhD

  • General

    Kano S, PhD

  • Drug Discovery

    Suzuki R

  • CPA Office

    Uehara M

  • Law Office

    Kojima I

Partner Universities and Companies


Corp. Name: AlzMed, Inc.
President: Tomoaki SHIRAO
Headquarters location: 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8485 UT, South Bdg. Entrepreneur Lab.
Phone +81-3-3386-0552
Founded: 2019
Staff: 15 members, including part-time staff

AlzMed, Inc., founded in 2019, aims to apply Tomoaki Shirao's discovery of the memory control function of the protein molecule "Drebrin" to combat Alzheimer's disease.
In its first year, AlzMed, Inc. primarily supported patenting of Drebrin research.
Since 2020, under Tomoaki Shirao's presidency, AlzMed, Inc. has been actively engaged in research and development of drugs for Alzheimer's disease at the University of Tokyo's Entrepreneur Lab.